He’s an artist, an activist, a traveler, a daydreamer, an international man of mystery. Well, scratch that last part, he’s not so mysterious after all. He’s Nick Ramos, and he generally wears his heart on his sleeve. With heart and soul at the forefront, his art tends to be his means to put more love into the world.

A daily doodler, Nick’s ideas transform into artwork in digital formats, but more often, in good old-fashioned, delicious print – which, fun fact, you can buy here in his online shop. Some of it is cute and cuddly, while other pieces reveal that cute can also be strong and thought-provoking. As a lover of puns, wordplay usually finds its way into his art too.

In 2017, he invited American artists to bring more attention ( and raise funds) to help refugees (See BuildHopeNotWalls.com). In 2021, Nick plans to launch The Mailbox Project with the help of artists from across the planet. As part of the project, he plans to hit the streets sharing little works of art with strangers. In return, they will send it to their loved ones, helping spread love throughout the world.

Nick Ramos is from Brazil-Boston-Chicago-Texas; he sings 80s classics with abandon, even if not necessarily anywhere near perfect pitch; loves to share laughter over coffee and a meal; and thinks we all need more love and art in our lives.


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