Statewide Recognition for Graphismo!

Months later, there is extra reason to celebrate! We’re delighted to share that the festival not only received first place in the special events category from the Texas Association of Municipal Officers, but Graphismo’s Beaujolais Nights poster garnered second place in the Fliers, Posters category!  The listing of finalists, here, is a stellar representation of ideas, creativity, and festivity from throughout Texas, and we are proud to be among those recognized. 

Well, it’s not every project that we wrap up by toasting with flowing wine in a beautiful city park, surrounded by stilt walkers, burlesque and swing dancers, and walk-in snow globe. But, that’s just what happened after we completed our Beaujolais Nights branding collaboration with the City of Round Rock. Granted, the party was for the public, not just us, and we’ll certainly drink to that!

Working with a partner who enjoys the open exchange of ideas over laughter and conversation made our work a total pleasure, and meeting in beautiful downtown Round Rock set the stage for extra inspiration. Knowing that the city would be hosting its first-ever wine festival, in the company of the entire world celebrating the first bottles of the year’s Beaujolais Nouveau wine, we thought globally and locally in the same instance. 

We ventured further to contemplate French history and culture (It’s handy that one of our team members possesses a degree in that area). The birth of cool, the Jazz Age, Toulouse Lautrec, and Henri Matisse were a few of the items on our mental idea board. With a new festival that was in its initial planning stages, we presented a few different directions for branding, to spark further conversation and collaboration of ideas.  Who knew the winning concept at our meetings would go on to win statewide acclaim?

We’ve been working on another festival project with this same partner in Round Rock, and we’ll share that …in our next online missive! 

Do you have a brand new concept, or one that you want to revisit with a fresh set of eyes? Call upon us at Graphismo as your creative cohorts! We animate, draw, design, write, and sing off-key without fear. We are multi-lingual too — English, Spanish, Portuguese and un peu français!